Authentication and Grading

Authentication is an integral process for each piece that enters the Archive Market selection.

We apply a multi-step process, consisting of several verification checks to validate and ensure authenticity. This includes but is not limited to: comparison with authenticated reference items, inspection of stamps, date codes and serial numbers, fabrics and hardware, stitching and construction, and the overall workmanship of each piece. Every Archive Market purchase comes with a guarantee of authenticity. 

Archive Market is not affiliated with or a licensed stockist of the brands we sell. All trademarks which appear on Archive Market are the property of their respective owners.


Our collection consists of hand-selected pieces which date as far back as 30 years old. As such, these pieces may have subtle imperfections and signs of use that are inherent to vintage and archival fashion. To help ensure you make the correct purchase, we strive to accurately describe the condition of each piece through these criteria:


Vintage pieces which may be unused and exhibit virtually no visible flaws


Pre-owned vintage pieces in well-kept condition which may have negligible signs of use


Pre-owned vintage pieces with some signs of wear from occasional use


Pre-owned vintage pieces with general signs of wear and visible flaws from frequent use